Fire Your Boss

This line must feel awkward for you , but this is actually the trend now . People now believe in firing their bosses and start being THE BOSS themselves .

We need to understand the pace of life in our era . We may be far behind in that pace that we think we do have .

It is easier said than done ! It is very easy to just quit a job and start following your passions .

Earning as much as you would from a nine-to-five job , would be much less satisfying by earning few bugs less or more from your own coffee table . Achieving that perfect blend of passion and income is hard to find these days , either we go for income which actually takes us far away from passion or vise versa . But few are lucky to have this perfect blend achieved .

Firing your boss actaully means that you can change your job to change your life . 

It all starts with an idea that comes from nowhere and takes the shape of someone’s whole life . Are you willing to take that idea and let it conquer your whole life ?? If yes , then its time !

Firing your boss and being the Boss on your own terms can be a bit challenging . Taking all the load and being answerable to each and everything that goes around is not that easy . Taking the charge can be a bit harsh and frustratuing sometimes . But if only you have that zeal and enthu . We all have that hidden desire inside to start something , some of us get that opportunity to get that hidden desire out and some still find their nine-to-five a good way to move forward . I might tell you there is no harm in that nine-to-five way of working , but if you have it in you , you must , must work it out .

Not leading  a life with “WHAT-IF…” , “I WISH…” , ” I Could’ve … ” is what we have think of . We are so much capable of what we think we are .It only requires a slight push from within or from somewhere to make it work .

As said ” Your time is limited ! MOVE FAST ” – Steve Jobs . 

The era of startups have a new future holding for all of us , we need to focus on the wants as well as needs . People change their preferences too often and too sudden lately hence we must all be aware and ready for the change .

We must actually hurry until our beloved idea pops into someone else head , and we are left thinking “Shit I thought that first…” . 

Start working and Start working Now , Coz the time is always right ! 

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