Best Mid Night Snacks , healthy and tasty

Mid Night hunger strikes most and we keep on wonder what snacks to eat which is healthy as well as tasty . There are so many options , don’t worry we will help you with the best ones .

1. Banana with nut butter

Take a banana and apply any nut butter , almond butter , peanut butter as a dip or topping . This is tasty and for sure healthy .

2 .Yogurt with berries

Take some greek yogurt , fresh and add some berries to it . It is one of the delicious and healthy snack .

3. Popcorn

Pop up some popcorns , add some butter or salt or some herbs and you are set .

4. Almonds

Almonds must be soaked and peeled and they can give you some desired energy to survive the hunger .

5. Dark chocolate

One of every one’s favourite , chocolate . Dark chocolate has some great taste and helps you energise .

6. Pistachios

Dry fruits are the best and pistachios are the yummiest of them .

7. Pumpkin Seeds

Healthy and tasty pumpkin seeds are the best . Eat a small bowl of roasted pumpkin seeds .

8. Protein Smoothie

Blend some low fat milk and add some fruits to it and enjoy a yum smoothie .


Munching always involves crackers , Take some fresh hummus and eat it with some crackers .


Sandwiches are easy to make and can be great as a snack . You may always experiment with the ingredients of the sandwich .

Enjoy these tasty and healthy mid night snacks , which don’t take time to get prepared and will surey be great for healthy .

For more healthy routines and guide , CLICK

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