Things You must do every night Before Bed

Sleep has always been scared and getting a peaceful sleep is hard these days . So many thoughts , so much to do , so much on the mind . Before going to bed at night you must follow some basics so that you do not end you getting up lethargic or with a headache .

Night regime is a thing and you must follow them to get that sweet sleep . Sleep helps body relax and rest . A healthy body is achieve with a proper sleep .

Clean up before bed

Wash your face , brush and change and get into the relaxation . This would help you get cleaned up before sleep .

Stop Screen time atleast 1 Hour before sleeping

This would help your mind relax and away from social distractions .

Reflect and Visualise

Reflect on the events of the day and visualise yourself in some thing positive ad happy and relaxing .

Express gratitude

Be thankful for everything you have and have been blessed with . Gratitude is the key .


Meditate for few minutes , push your self away form worries and tensions of every day life and help you mind with peace and positivity .


Hydrate well before sleep , this helps your body to be cool and relax .

Write a journal or draw

DO something which calms you down , something to move away from the rush of life . Write a journal , do not let anything inside or even draw something happy and positive .

All these things might sound very boring or even common , but we never end up achieving it .

include these little things in your night regime and see the difference . You will see that this would help to sleep better . These are some easy things you can easily do at night before going to bed .

For more healthy routines and guide , CLICK

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